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Andrea Ortenzi interview

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Hi Andrea, tell us about yourself and your professional experience

I have a real big experience in the mobile telephone word , having worked both in Italy and Brazil with TIM with a particular focus on Value Added Services. I then continued my career in the ICT world both in System Integrator and Content Service Provider. I then entered into more product-related dynamics representing in Italy the largest distributor in the world of mobile telephone Brightstar Corporation

2. Your current job and the connection with the Iot world. For about four years I've been working as a freelancer, specializing in business strategies development and innovative start-upsplanning activities In this context I had the opportunity to get in touch with the group of founders of IoT Domus and immediately appreciate the innovative nature and validity of the business proposition.

3. Why did you join the Iotdomus project?

Because I fully share its philosophy. Too often the available technology is incomprehensible and unmanageable for the common user. An approach that simplifiesof the final Customer;s life supporting him in the products choiche making "smart" his living environment. Could be it his house, his sea-house or in the countryside, or his smart office, up to the installation and configuration is what has immediately convinced me of the goodness of the IoTdomus project. And it pushed me to be part of it.

4. Next fields of action a

nd intervention As far as I am concerned, I am investing, with other partners, in the IoTdomus development in our region,(latium) opening the first store in Rome and leading -being the Master Franchisor - the development of the affiliate network in our region,

5. Rome: can you an

ticipate us something?

We are working hard to open our first POP & POS in via Ceneda (Piazza Re di Roma area): we expect to be operational by the end of April, although we will do everything we can to anticipate the commercial launch on April 20th. Do we deserve a big good luck!!

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