Enrico with his partners and friends in an IoT Domus store

Enrico, you are the first IoT domus affiliate in Italy, why?

I come from the IT and telephony sector and I have a deep knowledge of this market and its characteristics, especially the future ones. When Gigi (Egidio Bagnato) and his friends proposed me this project about the IoT and Smart Home industry, I was immediately enthusiastic and I joined immediately.

What do you think are the strengths of the project? 

Surely the technical part with the training and the ability of IoT Domus to keep us updated with new commercial offers and proposals, aimed at offering assistance to the end customer.

We have found enormous potential beyond that of Smart Homes, such as condominiums, commercial activities, industries, hotels and health services. Offering assistance and installations was essential in these cases.

Well, all positive! Never any problem?

Not until today! If there is a real and only problem it is the current pandemic, otherwise nothing to say about the franchisor and his staff, both the Italian and the United Kingdom ones, who are constantly updated on the IoT and Smart Home industry.

Would you recommend it? 

Absolutely yes!

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