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  • What is IoT?
    IoT stands for ‘Internet of Things’. It is a phrase which refers to a system of interconnected devices that communicate with one another. IoT connected devices can access the internet and share data and information.
  • What are some examples of IoT connected devices?
    Essentially any physical object can become an IoT connected device if it is given the ability to connect to the internet and share information. Some examples of common IoT enabled devices are smart speakers, smart lightbulbs, smart thermostats, and wearable health monitors to name a few.
  • What is a smart home?
    A smart home (also referred to as a ‘smart house’ or ‘home automation system’) is a residence equipped with IoT-enabled devices that can allow users to automate tasks normally handled by humans. Owners can operate these devices via means of applications, voice commands, automation, or through use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • What are the benefits of a smart home?
    Depending on what specific devices are utilized, smart home owners can enjoy a great deal of versatile and enticing benefits. Aside from general time-saving and efficiency, the proper smart home setup can also allow for the following: Saving on energy and energy costs 24/7 home monitoring and security Never missing a delivery Creating the optimal, comfortable living environment Controlling devices hands free with voice commands And much, much more!
  • What if I need IoT installation services
    IoT Domus is proud to say we have helped a large number of customers not only with their initial enquiries but also with onsite surveys, installation and ongoing support. The range of our services is complete and ensures our customers are helped and guided in their IoT journey all the way (and more...).
  • What makes Iot Domus unique from other retailers that sell Iot connected devices?
    Iot Domus is not only an IoT Devices shop which offers best smart home devices at extremely affordable prices. We also provide a full range of services for smart device owners including smart home set-up and servicing. Our trained technicians are equipped with the level of knowledge and skills necessary to ensure you have everything you need for the optimal home automation experience.
  • Where are IoT Domus’ products sold?
    You can purchase our products online via our e-commerce store or in-person at any of our physical store locations.
  • What distinguishes Iot Domus from other franchise opportunities?
    A New Type of Franchise: The IoT Domus franchise is the first of its kind. We are the first Franchising concept worldwide that allows entrepreneurs to easily join the growing market of smart homes & IoT and also helps people to easily build Smart Home Systems with the assistance of specialized stores located worldwide. Awards & Recognition: We are honored to have been awarded “Most Pioneering Technology Franchising Company 2020” by CV Magazine. Superior Training: Our franchisees also reap the benefits of our next-level hands-on training plus use of our exclusive and intuitive CRM. To read more about IoT Domus franchising opportunities click here.
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