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IoT (Internet of Things) represents a possible evolution of the use of the internet: objects ("things") become recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact to be able to communicate data about themselves and access aggregate information from others.

Smart Home is related to IoT. It refers to modern homes equipped with appliances, lights and other electronic devices which can be controlled remotely by the owner, usually via a mobile app.


IoT Domus is a company devoted to Smart Home and Internet of Things. We want to spread IoT to everyone and make it as much easy as possible.


We have many IoT shops around the world, and we want to keep growing! Our experts are here to help you, following you in this process! 

IoT Domus selects, recommend and install the most appropriate solution for the client's needs, from A of Alexa to Z of Z-Wave!

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IOT DOMUS Limited have been awarded Most Pioneering Technology Franchising Company 2020!

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