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The iot●domus offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the area of sales, services, and installation of Smart Home products with the added security of relying on the strength and solidity of a structured business model already awarded Most Innovative Franchising by CV Magazine in 2019.

Our affiliation model is based on some essential key points:

  • Transmission of a unique technical and commercial "know-how" to allow the aspiring entrepreneur quick entry into a complex world, as is the case with the field of Smart Homes and technology.​

  • Access to sales conditions and exclusive agreements in the IoT market.​

  • The initial formation, mixed online and physical, dedicated to IoT with daily updates to remain constantly up-to-date on new products and platforms.​

  • Set up a Point of Sale (POS) with a format devoted to enhancing the buying experience of the end-user.

  • An exclusive CRM to manage stock, analyze the performance of sales and margins, trace In-store, and technician activities with support included.

CATALOG: If you want to access our catalogue please click below to register as member then in 1-2 days you will be given access to our members area


iot●domus when iot technologies merge with your 'domus aurea'. The result is a new brand that combines future and past.


National Advertising and local promotion of the new store.


A new fresh and trendy store concept focused on IoT technologies.

Both in start-up phase (store location, furnishings, equipment, etc.) and in daily store management

Competitive advantage, deriving from the notoriety of the commercial partners and from exclusive purchase conditions.

Continuous online training on new IoT technologies, product installation and assistance techniques, and the most advanced customer management methods.




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