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“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

― Leonardo da Vinci


One of the cornerstones of our franchising model is our unprecedented level of training.

The goal is to create a professional environment which is conducive to producing master smart home specialists who are set up for success in both a technical and commercial sense. Through our powerful training strategy which provides continual resources and ongoing education, franchisees are equipped to take on the role of an expert technician able to efficiently create and install IoT systems as well as troubleshoot and solve smart home issues. Having these skilled sales people and technicians is not only beneficial to them personally in their ability to excel as franchisees, but equally helpful to clients who will depend on their services and guidance. 


At the same time, we also want to help our franchisees to be successful managers of their own stores, fundamentally shaping their career paths as entrepreneurs and enjoying an uncapped potential for earnings.

As far as methodology, our training is administered in two different forums making it convenient for trainees who can opt to learn remotely with our complete and structured online courses or physically both on-site and in-store. 

This method and the training contents are our exclusive property and a direct representation of our years of industry related expertise and know-how as leaders and pioneers in the Information Technology and Consumer Electronics sectors. 

IoT Training
IoT Training
IoT Training
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