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What does smart home do?

Many people are wondering:"What does smart home do?" and they look for information about this question. Once you understand what it does, the second question is:"What you need for smart home?". In the following video we're trying to give you some real life example of "What does smart home do?" and "What you need for smart home?". We hope this helps you to turn your home into a Smart Home at the same time helping you finding the best smart home devices for your need


For those wondering "What does a smart home do? this short 2-minute video from Samsung can help you to understand the concept. A smart home lets you control a wide range of things. Monitor who is inside your home, check in on your dog or see when your daughter gets home from school. You can even start the washing machine or set the lighting for dinner time before you arrive home.


With this smart device, you can upgrade your air conditioner by adding smart functionality. Forgot to turn the air off before leaving the house? Not a problem, you can switch it off remotely from your smartphone. The end of the work day has arrived and you're heading home from your office? Start the A/C so you can come home to the ideal temperature. Save up to 40% on climate control costs and play a role in being eco-conscious and saving the planet. 


Here's yet another awesome attribute of a smart home: a smart garage. A smart home can open your garage when your delivery person arrives and then close the garage once they have delivered your items. Watch this video to learn more!


Wondering what difference a smart thermostat can make in your house? The answer is a world of difference! A smart thermostat uses your phone’s location to control your heating. Similar to a smart air conditioner,  it can adjust the temperature based on your phone's location to ensure you are always comfortable. It allows you to save up to 30% on climate control costs and, once again, embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. 


Here you can see how to check in on your dog or others pets at home but the possibilities for this are truly endless. You can also use these capabilities to stay in touch with family members and loved ones. Whether ocean's away or right next door, you can always feel close to those you love with a smart home! 


Here you can see how to check your dog at home but… imagine…
Your mom is eighty years old and lives alone. She is smart and she doesn't want anyone to live with her. But you would like to help her as if you were there. See how a smart home solution can help you be closer to your mom. This is what a smart home can do!


Our relationship with light is one we may often overlook, but with a smart home, the level of control you have over your atmosphere will definitely make you see it in, well...a new light!


A smart home surveillance system is a game-changer in the way you protect your home. Contact and motion sensors pick up on movements at all times of day or night. It gives you the ability to view your home from your smartphone so you can check-in with ease 24/7. Plus, it also receives smoke and CO alerts with sound recognition to prevent fires and other harmful scenarios. Take full control of your home and protect what is dear to you, including the safety of your family and loved ones. 

A Smart New Way of Life

Hopefully these videos have helped you in learning what a smart home is, what is does, and what you can achieve with its amazing and customizable capabilities. Feeling ready to turn your space into a smart home?


Join us so we can help you get started! 

A Smart Light

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