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What is IoT Technology

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

We know that at first it may not be easy to find your way around the IoT and Smart Home world, so below you will find the definition of the various terms that are part of this industry

Domotics "The study and application of a complex of technologies based on computer and electronic engineering, having as objective the realization of a series of integrated devices that allow to automate and facilitate the fulfillment of the various operations usually carried out in a building" IoT (Internet of Things) "The concept represents a possible evolution of the use of the internet: objects ("things") become recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact to be able to communicate data about themselves and access aggregate information from others " Smart Home “Smart Home is a term that refers to modern homes equipped with appliances, lights and other electronic devices which can be controlled remotely by the owner, usually via a mobile app. Smart devices can also work together with other devices in the house and communicate information to other Smart devices" Home Automation “A Home Automation system is a technological solution that allows you to automate most of the electronic, electrical and technological activities within a home. It uses a combination of hardware and software technologies that allow the control and management of appliances and devices within a home"

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