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Aventum ed Iot Domus Ltd together in IotDomus Espana to develop spanish market

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Aventum Spanish engineering company specializing in MedioAmbiental Technology & smart city together with Iot domus specializing in the Iot world

Iot domus award-winning franchise development company and named among 25 Iot world top key players

Federico Fiorentini : after the participation in the last Madrid Fair and together with our Spanish team we believe that the Spanish market will be able to have important answers both in numerical and qualitativ terms both from the end user and professional users The desarollo plan will suffer' with l/immediate opening of a tienda in Madrid and with the possible definition of all the interested parties gradually met From bilbaao to Valladolid but also Valencia and especially Malaga area and further possible professional partnerships and commercial synergies

Guillermo Moreno: For us, this agreement represents a continuation of our strategy to add more value to the services of cities and citizens. We hope that this agreement will be quickly finalized with all interested parties and that together with IoT Domus we can develop a sales channel as solid and innovative as the products offered.

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