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Iot Domus Roma is running with Nicolo

Nicolo tell us about yourself My name is Nicolò Marinucci, I am 21 years old, attended linguistic high school and am fluent in English and Spanish. After high school I chose to pursue a Master's degree in Networking and Information Systems specializing in Linux operating systems and in networking on Cisco systems for both software and hardware installation. After a long study of what else to specialize in I decided to study Electrical Engineering, specializing in photovoltaics and certifying with Enel safety and installation courses. In conclusion I studied all different things from each other but together they make a great union.

tell us about the training you received for this project I was lucky enough to be able to join the Iot Domus project, which convinced me from day one, after individual training on the various brands and product categories, I had the good fortune to relate and train with both Andrea Bocci -Nice Group- and Lorenzo Magnelli -Nital/Hinnovation- a leader in this field. The Iot Domus project is strong and very convincing in a market where it is difficult to disentangle.

the values of the project The big strengths and mission of Iot Domus is to try to direct people to more choices and try to do a structured project where we try to encapsulate the whole Smart world in one app that is easy to command and manage locally and remotely.

An important role for important developments

Our customers are the common user but also and especially architects, engineers or even companies, who thanks to the products we sell can make a renovation or construction that qualitatively raises the wellbeing and the level of the property or company.

In conclusion, would you recommend it ?

yes and especially to my peers even as entrepreneurs/franchisees

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