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Future Care and Iot Domus partnership for commercial development of Looky and Drinky new products

Future Care and Iot Domus strong partnershipincrease the activities' joint signing a letter of intent for the commercial development of devices Looky and Drinky and possible activities' financial times for an agreement with a VC or Investment company.

Future Care and Iot Domus already have a partnership in place between MyCare (company of Gruppo Rete Serenità, of which Future Care belongs to) and Iot Domus due to the opening of the affiliated point of sale in Milan.

Iot Domus, following its international expansion plan thanks to its partners Nice and Fibaro, will take care of developing all the professional commercial channels useful for Future Care devices, as well as to verify some financial operators that have already proved to be very interested in the specific sector and activities of the two companies. Future Care will continue the development and industrialization of its devices, which will enter the market between the second and third quarter of 2022. Future Care is a company specialized in the realization of devices for the safety and health of the elderly, backed by over 25 years of experience of the Serenity network group in the sector.

Future Care's approach to the problems that the elderly and frail people experience on a daily basis is not vertical (one problem, one solution), but horizontal, through an ECOSYSTEM based on a single device and on the transformation of everyday objects into tools for measuring and monitoring health and safety.

LOOKY is a product-service system for home care that allows the family member (caregiver) to take care of the elderly, managing and controlling the administration of medicines, monitoring any accidental falls and making their support felt even at a distance in a non-invasive way.

Looky consists of two main hardware enabled by the relevant firmware and software (cloud & AI based) and an App for the caregiver:

· SMART PILL DISPENSER, for pill dispensing

· VIDEOCAMES, for the detection and prediction of falls, with analysis through AI SW

DRINKY is a product-service system for home care that allows the family (caregiver) to know the daily hydration level of their loved one. Thanks to the integration with LOOKY, it is able to encourage the elderly person to drink. Thanks to the analysis of hydration data, the system is able to match data on adherence to therapy.

Drinky is a normal glass, equipped with specific sensors for hydration analysis and vital parameters:

· HYDRATION ANALYSIS, through specific sensors that detect the amount of liquid consumed

· VITAL PARAMETERS ANALYSIS, through a specific sensor, every time the person drinks, Drinky detects: saturation and heart rate

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