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Interview with Lorenzo Magnelli

Ciao Lorenzo, how did your professional experience and connection with the IoT world start?

I have always worked in the field of consumer electronics / information technology and at some point my attention shifted and focused on connected products, of which I immediately saw the great potential and developed over time a specific know-how that led me to specialize in this niche well ahead of my time. Today everyone is talking about IoT, a few years ago it was not so obvious.

Your current job and the connection with the Iot world. I'm basically a salesman and I work with the largest Italian distribution company #Nital and I have as important customers (and I propose to) the players of the large-scale retail trade retail projects focused on Smart Home, having in my portfolio some of the leading brands in the industry such as #Ezviz #Arlo #Nuki #Tado, etc..

Why did you join the Iotdomus project?

Because we found that the consumer needs a physical place where he can get all the information he needs and many of the leading brands in each category. I saw in the Smart Home that opportunity for the rebirth of the proximity store that made sense in IT with the well-known chains of the 90s when you needed to talk to a salesperson who could help you and make your custom PC. We want to help everyday people make their own custom Smart Home.

How much has Covid impacted your implementation and if you see any accelerators that will allow a recovery in the short term.

It has completely halted the process of opening stores - the pivot of a Franchising project - but it has also opened the eyes of consumers to new needs that before COVID were less obvious in terms of comfort, home control, energy consumption, etc.

There is talk of an important development of the project with large numbers worldwide, can you anticipate anything?

We have just concluded an agreement with one of the most important Partner for the development of the project in Spain and Latin America, we are negotiating with the ME, we are partner with a worldwide leading provider of home automation solutions ad Hoc #Nice #Fibaro with control unit for those customers who do not want to build a smart home piece by piece but adopt a turnkey solution. This has integrated our commercial offer and given a new international breath to a project that all remains the only pioneering model of affiliation based on the physical store specialized in the sale of related products. In fact, we are also negotiating shop in shop agreements with other leading franchising/retail chains.

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